Sublimation Printed Fabric Laser Cutting Machine for Sports Jerseys Apparel CJGV-190130LD


  • Auto feeding
  • Flying scan
  • High-speed
  • Detecting and recognizing printed contour of a sublimated roll of fabric.
  • Cutting a variety of materials, like polyester, cotton, polyamide, PVC, vinyl, etc.
  • Laser cutting speed reaches up to 600 mm/s.
  • Automated production process with conveyor belts and auto-feeding system.

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Applicable Industries

→ Printing industry – printed apparel, banners, flags, toys, carpets. etc.

→ Garment industry – top grade clothing, shirts, suits, skirts with stripes/plaids, plaids or repeated patterns

→ Shoe industry – weaving sports shoes, knitting vamp

→ Furniture industry – sofa, pillowcase, tablecloth with aligned stripes & plaids

→ Top grade bags and suitcases – bags, suitcases, wallets with aligned stripes & plaids

Why Vision Laser Cutting Printed Fabric? 

● Versatile. Cut a variety of materials, like polyester, cotton, microfiber, polymide, PVC, vinyl, etc.
● High Speed. Laser cutting speed reaches up to 600 mm/s. Automated production process with conveyor and auto-feeding system.
● Precise. High precision, smooth cutting edge, no fraying, no need to rework on cutting edges.
● Clean. Non-contact laser process. No need to glue paper onto the textile, avoiding manual pollution during scissors cutting process.
● High flexibility. Cut any kinds of shapes simultaneously.
● Save time, save materials, and save labor cost.

Digital Printing Sublimation Fabric Laser Cutting Solution

● Large format flying recognition. 5 seconds to identify 1.6m x 3m. When conveyor belt feeding, the camera can quickly identify printed fabric, or stripes, plaids fabric in real-time and then the cutting information transmitted to cutting machine. After cutting an entire format, processing will repeat the same process.
● Good at dealing with complex graphics. Specializes in the processing of elastic material. Edge clean, soft, tidy, automatic sealing edge, high accuracy.
● One machine can process 500-800 sets of clothing per day. The whole process without human intervention. With auto feeding system, scanning contour extraction, feeding and cutting finished at one time.