Auto Feeding Flying Scan Laser Cutting Machine for Printed Fabrics CJGV-180130LD

VisionLASER system is newly developed software based on our laser control system. Vision laser cutting machine can automatically recognize and cut printed graphics on the printed fabrics, or process at the specified location according to the position of fabric stripes. It is widely used in garments with stripes & plaids, printed sportswear, jerseys, cycling apparel, knitting vamp, banner, flag, large format printed carpet, etc.

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√ Auto feeding           √ Flying scan           √ High speed           √ Intelligent recognition of printed fabric pattern

• Cutting solutions of stretch fabric printed pattern and knitting vamp

Two modes of Vision Laser System

› Contour extraction and cutting

Advantage: software can directly scan and extract graphics contour, no need original drawing.

Suitable for cutting printed graphics with a smooth contour.

› Mark point positioning and cutting

Advantage: No limitation on the graphics / Available to cut embedded graphics / Higher precision / Automatically match graphics deformation caused by printing or fabric stretch and wrinkles / Available for printing graphics designs by any design software.

• Comparison to the CCD camera auto-recognition system

VisionLASER Advantage

› High scanning speed, large scanning area.

› Automatically extract graphics contour, no required original drawing.

› Available to cut large format and extra-long graphics.

• Printed Fabric Laser Cutting Application for Sportswear / Cycling Apparel / Swimwear / Knitting Vamp

1. Large format flying recognition. It takes only 5 seconds to recognize the entire working area.  While feeding fabric by the moving conveyor, the real-time camera can help you identify the printed graphics rapidly and submit the results to the laser cutting machine. After cutting the entire working area, this process will be repeated without manual intervention.

2. Good at cutting complex graphics. For example, cutting notches. For the fine and detailed graphics, the software can extract the original graphics according to the position of mark points and make the cutting. The cutting accuracy reach to ±1mm

3. Good at cutting stretch fabric. The cutting edge is clean, soft and smooth with high precision.

4. Daily output of one machine is 500~800 sets of clothing.