Impres 4180 Soft Signage Transfer Dye Sub Printer


Perfecting Everything in Order to Impres

  • 1.8 meter model
  • High-speed, eco-friendly
  • Kyocera® print heads deliver impressive print quality every time
  • Easy-changeover design allows for direct-to-fabric or transfer paper

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Impres 4180

The new Impres™ Soft Signage Solutions is designed to help you profitably expand your soft signage printing business. We’ve engineered Impres™ with you and your customer in mind. We want to Impres™ you with the business advantages and printing performance Impres™ can offer so that you can Impres™ your customers with the quality and range of your printing capabilities.

Printing Technology: Kyocera Piezo Inkjet (4)
Media Width: 1,800 mm
Roll outer diameter: 500 mm
Ink Type: Transfer Dye Sub
Ink Capacity: 10 Liter/color
Ink Colors: 4, 8
High Quality (sqm/h):  99
Production (sqm/h):  115.8
High Speed (sqm/h): 201.8

Power. At Your Command.
When Time is Money It’s Time To Impres™

In digital soft signage printing, time is money. Although the Impres™ Soft Signage Solutions can be configured with virtually any workflow or RIP software, it is offered with the Caldera GrandRIP+ suite of RIP software, which is MS Printing’s software solution of choice. GrandRIP+ RIP software offers exceedingly fast file processing that is driven by a powerful Adobe PDF engine that significantly enhances the production performance of both native files and those with transparencies.

Beautiful Output. Total Control.
Digital Print Wizardry Made Easy

The Impres™ Soft Signage Solutions is truly magical, from the inside out.
As aesthetically pleasing as it is functionally powerful, every Impres™ comes
standard with a built-in control panel that offers extremely intuitive, sense of the touch
control over every printer function. And yet, take your level of control
to a whole new level…to the Wizard level…with our exclusive Qwizard digital
front-end printer management software solution. Qwizard provides seamless,
direct and remote integration of file, color and pre-flight management allowing
you to fully customize printer settings to meet your exacting specifications.