GO dMax PRO 44 Film Positive Printer


The dMax PRO is a high speed, high-quality and highly reliable printer for color separation, poster, dye sub and CAD work. The dMax PRO 44-inch printer is the most versatile and cost efficient system in the market. With Complete Screen Print configuration options to choose from including Wasatch SoftRIP for dMax, dMax 4 Film and GO’s PhotoProof Inks, you have the ability to start producing film positives/negatives for the color separation market.

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Screen printers have longed for a printer to be developed specifically for their needs. Imagine an inkjet printer which does color separations, posters and a variety of other application and you have the GO dMax PRO Printer.

Developed specifically for the screen print color separation market, GO’s dMax PRO printer works perfectly with dMax 4 film, the leading inkjet color separation film in the market. Additionally, GO’s dMax 4 pigment ink is revolutionary in that the black ink offers the ability to image both density for color separations and rich blacks for color printing. Coupled with GO’s dMax ink, the printer is usable for both color separations and posters, and the ink does not have to be switched.

Having a size of 44-inches, along with new “wide model” printhead technology configured to output high quality color separations at a speed unimagined a few years, GO’s dMax PRO printer is perfect for screen printers. The new printhead incorporates high resolution four color printing into one long lasting printhead. With a capability to image from 360 dpi up to 2880 dpi with variable drop capabilities, not only will you have outstanding separations, but poster prints will be vividly imaged using the new Intelligent Interweaving ( I2 ) wave printing technology which provides increased print speed and virtually eliminates banding for exceptional image quality.

With the ability to image both roll and cut sheet films and media, GO’s dMax PRO printer offers other industry leading capabilities including print head height adjustments, step adjusts and vacuum fan strength adjustments. These capabilities enhance the ability of the dMax PRO printer to image at high quality modes of 720×720 at up to 100 sq. feet per hour, along with a 360×360 high speed mode of up to 400 sq. feet per hour, the unit is much faster than competitive offerings.

Available as an option with the dMax PRO is the new motorized take-up system for unattended printing and Wasatch SoftRIP SP, the market’s leading industrial SoftRIP.

GO’s dMax PRO printer can be used for applications such as CAD, dye sublimation or any other aqueous applications. In addition, GO’s dMax PRO can be used with an inkjet film positives for silk-screen process printing, to produce a great variety of surface applications such as plastics, wood, metal, glass, textiles, paper and board can be used and printed in one pass, if necessary. The most common applications for commercial screen-printing are posters, stickers, signs, banners, t-shirts, ring binders, mouse pads, promotional items and exhibition displays.

  • 44 inch inkjet printer for color separation, poster, dye sub and CAD markets
  • New incorporated Intelligent Interweaving printing technology
  • New stand — extra 10 inch in height for added support and sturdiness
  • High output speed — up to 400 sqft/hr in high speed mode
  • Incorporates new generation piezo printhead
  • Four color drop-on-demand variable dot single printhead with smallest dropsize of 3.5 picoliters
  • 360, 720, 1440, and 2880 dpi resolutions
  • New optional motorized take-up system for unattended printing