Our Very Own VP of Sales & Marketing is Speaking at ISS Long Beach

Matt Gusse has over 20 years of continued knowledge & hands on experience in Imprinted Apparel, Cut/Sew Apparel/Uniforms, Awards/Engraving, Home Décor/Art, Signs/Displays & other markets. Matt has had proven success in sales and service from small ‘Mom & Pop’ businesses to some of the largest companies in the world. He has worked for Stahls' & Universal Laser Systems among other industry leaders and has spent the last 10 years with Advanced Color Solutions. With ACS, Matt has focused on Large Format Dye Sublimation Equipment & other Large Format applications. Currently as VP of Sales, Matt runs ACS's new Midwest location and has launched a start up B2B company called Detroit Sublimation. Detroit Sublimation looks to provide sourcing, service and education for those looking to get into the cut/sew apparel business or already part of it.

Say YES to Large Format Dye Sub Profits

The session will focus on revenue opportunities with large-format dye sublimation. Matt will cover sourcing vs. doing it all in-house, and the benefits of each. The difference between AOP (All Over Print) and Cut/Sew and which is best depending on what you're doing. Want to know where patterns and templates for Cut/Sew come from? What about which heat press is right for your business- Large Format Flatbed or Rotary? Join Matt as he explores sourcing of products and fabrics; speeds, costs, and investments expected. 

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