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Things You Never Knew About Wall Décor

Welcome to Friday Fare.  I know I’ve talked a lot about wall décor over the past few months. It’s just that, since wide format is a little more established these days, we don’t often see an application take off like custom cut wall graphics has in the past couple of years.  As fate would have it, I came across a recent Inc. magazine article titled “Get More Done ” that included some relevant stuff on wall décor.  So once again, I’m dedicating this week’s Friday Fare to the fastest growing application in wide format – custom wall décor.

Productive decor
According to a University of British Columbia study, offices with red décor improve employee performance with detail-oriented tasks.  In addition, studies from universities in Virginia and Hiroshima showed that images of puppies, kittens, or any baby animals, significantly improved an individual’s vision, dexterity, and mental focus.  The theory is that the imagery kicks in an instinct for physical caution and careful concentration.  On top of all this, Cornell’s Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory proved that changing office temperature from 68 degrees to an optimal 77 degrees (F) reduced typing errors by 44 percent, while increasing productivity by 150 percent!  Of course all of that talk about red, productivity, and a little heat reminded me of our very own Pro 4 XF-640, which comes standard with the DU2 dryer unit and red paint.  In fact, we think the very image of the XF is enough to stimulate productivity to its very highest levels.  Let us know if you want the file to print for your own office.

Creative décor
The same University of British Columbia study also revealed that blue colored rooms can significantly enhance creativity.  I assume the 77 degree heat factor applies to this one too as well as the right graphic.  Of course, the blue also reminded me of the most versatile print/cut device on the market today – the Pro 4 XR-640.  What better print/cut device is there for the creatively inspired?  I took the liberty of choosing a graphic to assist in the process.  Once again, let us know if you would like the file for your own creative environment.

What you see is what you get
The Inc. article also reveals a key factor in lack of productivity: distraction.  Apparently productivity goes up when the weather is bad, because it limits the appeal of available alternative options for employees to spend their time.  The article recommends turning desks away from the windows.  Frankly, this sounds like a feeble solution given that most people have the ability to turn their heads (not to mention it’s a really inefficient use of space).  Instead, I suggest using Roland’s White Static Cling on the office windows, featuring select scenes printed on any Roland device. Such décor would be a constant reminder of the safe and friendly office environment provided by the Roland dealer channel.  In the spirit of aiding your productivity, we’re supplying a couple of seasonal images that might be appropriate for your office.

Written by:
Dave Hawkes
Group Product Manager – Signs, Textiles, & Roland Academy
Roland DGA