Find the Right Material

You have a project to complete, either for yourself or for a customer.  Perhaps you have a request to print something but you’re not quite sure what material to use or where to find the equipment.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you:

  • Find the proper substrate, ink, paper or combination of all three to complete your project.
  • Select and locate the right fabric for the intended use.
  • Choose the right color printing profile to achieve the proper color on the substrate you’re using.
  • Find other substrates including metals, sign boards, ceramic tiles and specialty items.
  • Determine whether a coating is required and which coating to use.
  • Choose the proper heat press dwell time and pressure depending on the substrate.


Find Someone to Get the Job Done

If you don’t have the equipment, knowledge, time or resources to complete a job we can pair you up with other company who will be happy to fulfill your order.