Roland Metallic Silver Eco-Sol Max Ink – 220ml

Roland Metallic Silver Eco-Sol Max Ink – 220ml


Formulated specifically for use with Roland’s new high-performance 54″ SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT inkjet printer/cutter, Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX is the industry’s first metallic silver eco-solvent ink from a major inkjet printer company.

  • Description

    Profitable Metallic Applications
    Metallic inks are often used to achieve distinctive effects on labels, brochures, window decorations, posters, signs, banners, vehicle graphics and POP displays or to enhance the impact of packaging for cosmetics, wines, spirits, automobiles and other luxury items. The brilliance of silver, gold, and other metallic colors adds a touch of exclusivity to any product and improves the value perception of the brand in a retail environment. Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink is part of a profitable new printing solution that enables graphics professionals to differentiate their services from the competition.

    Exclusively for the Roland XC-540MT
    Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink is available exclusively for the new XC-540MT inkjet printer/cutter, based on renowned SOLJET PRO III technology. The XC-540MT prints six colors including CMYK+Metallic Silver+White (CMYK+Mt+W) and automatically contour cuts graphics all in one seamless workflow. A double white ink model (CMYK+WW) is also available for the brightest white text, graphics and floods.

    The XC-540MT’s six head configuration matches one dedicated print head per color for consistent print quality and easy maintenance. The XC-540MT produces 720×1440 high resolution prints in Metallic Silver only modes at approximately 23 sq. ft./hr. and prints in CMYKMt mode at about 17 sq.ft/hr.

    Advanced ECO-SOL MAX Ink Technology
    ECO-SOL MAX eco-solvent ink delivers high color density and a wide gamut for exceptional images print after print. Roland’s unique Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink formulation enables precise dot shape control to produce sharp text and graphics. Text as small as 7 point and lines as thin as 0.1 point remain clear and well defined when printing.

    Packaged in no-mess 220ml cartridges for the XC-540MT, ECO-SOL MAX is virtually odorless for maximum convenience and comfort

    Print Metallic Silver Only or with CMYK
    Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink produces rich silver and metallic color fills along with sharp text and graphics that look great both up close and at a distance. With the XC-540MT, you can print Metallic Silver only or combine it with CMYK to create thousands of metallic colors. Text and graphics are especially vibrant when printed on clear media and with files containing CMYK, Metallic Silver and White layers. Printing white as an undercoat further enhances the opacity of Metallic Silver and CMYK. Users can choose either single-pass or dual pass printing.

    Dry Time
    When dry, Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX demonstrates superior smoothness and an even surface appearance on clear media. Recommended drying time is 15 minutes to ensure complete dryness and full image saturation when overprinting in CMYK or using a White undercoat. The XC-540MT includes the DU-540 dryer/blower unit standard to ensure optimum performance.

    Running Costs
    Priced at $229.99 per 220ml cartridge, the cost per ml for Metallic Silver ECO-SOL MAX ink is $1.05. The average ink cost for a full silver flood as a spot color comes to about $1.97 per square foot on vinyl and about $1.80 on clear film. Less silver ink is required when combining Metallic Silver and CMYK for a lower cost per square foot. Costs vary depending on the color selected.

    Metallic Silver Ink Maintenance Requirements
    Due to the unique characteristics of Metallic Silver ink, additional care is required when installing and maintaining an XC-540MT with metallic ink. Metallic Silver is similar to White ink and has a tendency to settle in the cartridge, making it necessary to agitate the cartridge before installing in the printer and before each use. The XC-540MT automatically performs routine ink system maintenance to ensure ink lines remain free of sediment.

    The XC-540MT includes two firmware-controlled maintenance routines for proper operation: Ink Circulation and Ink Discharge. Ink Circulation is performed automatically every 12 hours. About 1.5ml is discharged from the Mt and W heads. The XC-540MT begins the automatic maintenance by displaying [Circulating Ink] on the control panel. If the Mt or W inks are not used for printing for over 6 hours, the settled ink in the Mt and W dampers and heads is discharged before printing. Approximately 13ml is discharged.

    Roland recommends that the DU-540 dryer unit is set to 15 minutes of Dry Time via Roland VersaWorks for the XC-540MT configured with Metallic Silver and White ink. This ensures proper ink drying when performing single and dual-pass printing.

    Once an XC-540MT is configured at installation as CMYK+Metallic Silver+White or CMYK+WW, it cannot be converted over to a different ink configuration. The main power switch on the back of XC-540MT must be kept ON at all times. This will insure that the automatic ink circulation system is functioning correctly and will prevent Metallic Silver and White inks from settling in the printer.

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