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Digi-Dri Portable Infrared Dryer 220V 72″


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Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer Features

  • Portable from One Printer to Another
  • Immediate Drying of Printed Media without Air
  • Uniform Heat Distribution Across Entire Surface
  • Safe for All Inks and Substrates
  • Flexible Design – Adjustable Height, Angle, Tilt of Heater
  • Solid-State Temperature Controller
  • Available in 36 in, 54 in, 64 in, 72 in, and 108 in Standard Sizes
  • All Sizes Available in 120 V and 240 V Models
  • Optional Auto Shutoff Allows Dryer To Be Turned Off at Estimated End of Print Run
  • Maneuverable Stand with 30-Degree Adjustable Incline/Decline
  • Add a Second Heater head for Printing at even Higher Speeds
  • All 220V Units are CE Certified
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Product Description

The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer from BBC Industries, Inc. is your answer to printing faster on your large format printer. It conveniently rolls up to your printer and gently dries the ink to a full cure. Its flexible design and uniform heat distribution gently full cures inks without any circulating air. The Digi-Dri™ is safe for all inks and substrates.

The Digi-Dri™ Portable Infrared Dryer includes an on/off switch, solid-state temperature control, a 10-foot cord with plug (except 220 V units), and casters.

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Auto Shut Off Heat, Standard Heat Control