FlexiSign 10


The mid-level Sign Making package provides exceptional tools to produce high-quality signage without a large initial investment. In addition to design, vinyl cutting, scanning and tracing capabilities, FlexiSign 10 also includes Job Statistics and Text Styles for enhanced performance. For Windows OS.

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Send Thumbnail to SignTracker:
Embrace a smooth and productive workflow by sending a thumbnail of your job directly to SignTracker without ever leaving Flexi Sign.

Ink Estimation:
Even the most seasoned print shops will find that FlexiSign 10 Ink Estimation feature is an incredibly useful tool that helps calculate the true cost of any print job. Gain a better understanding of your production to make more informed decisions about upcoming expenses, incoming jobs and daily workflow with the Ink Estimation tool.

Nest Contour Cut Jobs Added to Production Manager:
Now that you can add contour jobs to Production Manager, never again struggle with outputting contour cut jobs on a virtual hybrid setup, contour cut jobs designed in 3rd party applications, or files that already include contour cut lines. Nest contour jobs in Production Manager for the most efficient use of your device and media.

Smooth Shadow:
Add softer and smoother shadows to your text or objects with the new advanced shadow feature.

Bad Wrap Support:
Design your Bad Wrap™ vehicle wraps right in Flexi Sign 10! FlexiSign now supports designing in layers for full-sized Bad Wrap templates.

Add Jobs with Multiple Contour Cut Paths to Production Manager:
Take advantage of FlexiSign’s Multiple Contour Paths feature, even while designing in 3rd party applications. Now you can add a job directly to Production Manager and specify a different action for each contour. This new streamlined method of adding jobs will simplify your workflow and boost productivity.

Link PDF:
Retain a PDF’s objects, effects and color properties as originally designed, while keeping the ability to create contour paths and add objects and text.

Color Nesting:
When a vinyl job calls for more than one color, FlexiSign 10 will nest each color separately to maximize media savings and minimize production time.

Add and Move Split Lines:
Add or adjust split lines exactly where you need them for easy and effortless weeding.