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Metallic Printing Start to Finish

Over the last few years, we have seen printing with Roland Eco-Sol MAX® metallic ink grow in leaps and bounds. With the installed base of metallic devices growing every day, I thought it would be good to review metallic silver from start, to process, to finish.

Start… Start with creating interest. A great way to show metallic capability is by embellishing your client’s existing logo. With the spot color replacement feature inside of VersaWorks®, it takes just a few clicks from inside the RIP to change a CMYK spot color to a similar color with metallic features. To print out a sample that you can give to your client on your next visit, just follow these simple steps:

  1. From your job settings box, make sure you have “Convert Spot Color” checked.
  2. Click on the Details button.
  3. Highlight the spot color you would like to replace with the MT Spot color.
  4. Click the Select button to pull up the spot color libraries.
  5. Choose “Roland Metallic Color System Library” from the scroll down menu.
  6. Select the RVW metallic color you want and hit the OK button.


It’s that easy! Show the logos side by side and watch your client gravitate toward the metallic sample.

Process… Using metallic inks on photographic images can help create premium prints with dramatic effects that Roland owners can sell for 30 percent more (on average) than a CMYK equivalent. Join our webinar on Tuesday, Jun 11, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, as we explore the workflow process for adding metallic embellishments in Adobe Photoshop®. Space is limited, so sign up today !

Finish… While metallic effects are stunning and can be sold at a premium, graphics produced with pure metallic silver require finishing. In order for the ink to shimmer, the drop must dry in an irregular shape that reflects light. To prevent the ink from rubbing off, we recommend laminating with a high gloss laminate. Not only will this help protect the image, it will also add extra shine. Read more about metallic silver at our website.

Continued Success,

Eric Zimmerman
Product Manager – Color Products
Roland DGA