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How Do I Love Thee, Roland Pro

Happy Valentine’s Day! The hopeless romantic in me really likes Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t like chocolate, cards filled with romantic sentiments and an overpriced night on the town! Today’s Friday Fare is dedicated to the new love of my life, Roland Pro. How do I love thee, Roland Pro? Let me count the ways.

I love thee for supplying answers to questions
In Roland Pro you can post a question and get a response from a Roland specialist or from another dealer. It’s an easy and fast way to get answers to your questions while in the field.

I love thee for e-mailing brochures
Now, there’s no need to carry around hard copies of brochures for customers. You can simply e-mail them PDF versions directly from Roland Pro. Makes me want to push a “That was easy!” button.

I love thee for providing prices on parts
Deliver faster customer service by accessing prices for parts while you’re diagnosing printer issues. Simply look up the part in Roland Pro for current prices and inventory levels at Roland. You can even add the part to a shopping cart and send an automated e-mail to yourself or someone else listing all the parts that your customer needs.

Written by:
Julie Gederos
Market Development Manager
Roland DGA